Originally a former canteen building which spanned the River Irwell.

Waterside Apartments

Proposed apartment development

The site for this proposed development forms part of what was originally Brooksbottom Mill and is part of the Brooksbottom Conservation Area.

The former canteen building which spanned the River Irwell, and which was originally part of the proposed development, was lost to the flooding which occurred on Boxing day 20??

The canteen building had, until it’s loss, been The Waterside, a popular restaurant and bar. Our site was formerly the car parking area for the bar.

Our brief was for an apartment block which was to compliment the highly Italianate architectural language of The Spinnings, which was converted into apartments a number of years ago, to the opposite bank.

Our response was not to create an ‘architectural statement’ to compete with The Spinnings but was to replicate a traditional solid mill building. The proposal is therefore strongly rectilinear in form, punched window openings, sympathetic in scale with simple stone and zinc finishes.